First things first!

13 03 2011

     Where do my priorities lie?  We expect God to bless us and our lives.  We ask Him to lead us forward in our days.  But are we holding up our end of the bargain and are we meeting our obligation with and for Him?  We want Him to be the guiding force each day and want Him to call the plays for us.  But are we making room for Him in the huddle of our lives?

     If our life was lived as a daily briefing to start each day, where would God be seated?  Would He be in a place of honor on the podium right beside us or would He sit lost in the crowd in the middle of the room?  Even worse, would He be relegated to a chair on the end of the last row?  Where does He sit in your briefing each day?

     “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.”  Indeed, but do I give Him that opportunity to make me strong each day.  How often I start pushing through the jungle of life and end up in a tangle of vines.  Jesus is there ready to go before me, machete in hand and clear my path.  Too often that tangling comes when we aren’t paying attention to the path He is clearing because He’s not clearing it the direction WE want to go.  I’m learning it’s ok to have earthly goals and desires, but we have to listen to Him to make sure they are consistent with His word and where He wants us to go.

     Where will I put God in my life today?  I want Him to be my coffee buddy as I sit with His word in the quiet of the morning.  I want Him to be my right hand man as I walk through this day.   I want Him to guide every one of my steps, my thoughts, my decisions and all I do today.  And I can only do that if I allow Him to be at my side all day.




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